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Energy Storage for Grid Resilience Webinar

By Sandia National Laboratories, Powered by Strategen Consulting

Thursday, March 8, 2018 at 11am-12pm PDT

Recent natural disasters, from hurricanes in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico, to wildfires in the West and winter storms in the Northeast have brought increasing attention to the issue of resilience in the electric power system. Rapid decline in the cost of energy storage and new developments in energy storage technology present an opportunity for storage to play an increasing role in grid resilience.

Join Strategen, Sandia National Laboratory and other leaders in the energy storage and electric power sector as they discuss current applications for energy storage technologies in providing resilience, economic and policy considerations for energy storage in resilience applications, and how energy storage can play a role in the resilient grid of the future.

This webinar will explore the below topics:

  • What is resilience?
  • Use cases for storage in resilience applications
  • Technologies for applying storage in resilience applications
  • Financial and economic considerations for energy storage in resilience
  • Technology, market, and policy gaps preventing wider adoption of storage for resilience

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