Stephen is a Chartered Professional Engineer with experience in the North American, Australian, European & United Kingdom electrical power industries. Stephen is a Senior Engineer at Strategen providing insight and strategy for DER integration and grid modernization, and is also involved with CESA, providing technical expertise. Stephen’s key areas of experience are power system analysis and planning, power electronics; including smart inverters, the integration of DER, energy storage, microgrids and active network management. Prior to Strategen, Stephen was Technology Innovation Engineer at Ergon Energy helping them to integrate record levels of rooftop solar PV and manage one of the largest, low density distribution networks in any first world country. Stephen led technology pilots involving battery energy storage prototypes, statcoms and other grid modernization efforts. Stephen was a project engineer for the GUSS project, an Australian first roll out of 20 customized energy storage systems installed across remote areas of Queensland for distribution network deferral. This project won the Engineers Australia, Queensland Innovation and R&D Award. Stephen has also previously worked for ABB’s microgrid research and development team in Italy and on smart grids with active network management for Smarter Grid Solutions in Scotland. Stephen holds a Master’s of Electrical Power Engineering from the University of Wollongong and a Bachelor’s of Electrical and Electronic Engineering from James Cook University and is a previous E.S. Cornwall scholar.