Utility Dive: What the US can learn from Australia's innovative approach to grid transformation planning

Utility Dive: What the US can learn from Australia's innovative approach to grid transformation planning

Strategen recently had the opportunity to work with CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency, and Energy Networks Australia, the national industry association representing Australia’s electricity transmission and distribution businesses, on Australia’s effort to plan for a decarbonized grid in 2050.

Utility Dive: Arizona regulator rebukes APS gas plans, endorses renewables mandate fix

"Tobin wrote in favor of revisiting the state renewable portfolio standard, supporting a decision to open a docketto re-examine portions of it and endorsing a proposal from the state consumer advocate to mandate that a certain portion of renewable resources deliver power during peak demand periods."

Utility Dive: Arizona consumer advocate proposes timing tweaks for renewable standard

"According to Strategen's research, renewable standards have accounted for more than 60% of the growth in clean energy resources since 2000, but a simple MWh-based standard may no longer be the most effective because those traditional policies fail to show a difference between each renewable MWh 'based on its value to the grid or for reducing fuel consumption.'"

Greentech Media: This Upgrade to Renewable Portfolio Standards Could Make Them a Lot More Effective at Grid Balancing

"'This doesn’t get rid of the RPS by any means -- it’s more of an add-on, a way to send time-based price signals,' said Lon Huber, a director at Strategen Consulting who authored the proposal on behalf of RUCO."

Utility Dive: In New Hampshire, stakeholders debate the next NEM successor tariff

"With the help of Strategen Consulting’s Lon Huber, the OCA introduced a three-part tariff designed to end the traditional net metering structure. If successful, the proposal would allow New Hampshire to source 2.7% of its electricity from distributed solar and reduce costs to ratepayers to the tune of $300 million."

Greentech Media: Arizona’s Utility Regulator Adopts New Method of Crediting Rooftop Solar

The idea is to insulate solar customers from potential regulatory changes down the road, said Lon Huber, an energy policy consultant at Strategen Consulting, who drafted the plan on behalf of RUCO.

"This is [very] different from NEM, where it's just a retail rate that can change over time," Huber said. "It's a contract for 20 years, meaning that the solar customer has certainty that they're going to have that form of compensation for that time period."

SNL: Ariz. regulators approve solar credit option for UNS Electric customers

"In an email after the meeting, Residential Utility Consumer Office consultant Lon Huber of Strategen Consulting LLC, who proposed the option Stump put in his amendment, said the option has advantages for solar customers. It provides certainty with a fixed compensation amount for 20 years, Huber said. There is no need to grandfather those customers because the option is a contract for 20 years that does not change, he said."

Forbes: Energy Storage Teaches Utilities How To Hurry

Forbes: Energy Storage Teaches Utilities How To Hurry

“I think everybody in this room can agree that storage presents tremendous benefits,” said Janice Lin, executive director of the California Energy Storage Alliance. “It can be deployed quickly, it’s resilient, it diversifies the mix, it helps size the infrastructure more adequately to demand, it just makes the whole thing more efficient.”

Green Building News: Energy Storage: The Facility Manager’s Newest Tool

""Energy storage, often called the “holy grail” of energy, is regularly touted as a solution to fixing the aging power grid; a critical tool in increasing the spread of renewable energy; and a bridge between the needs of utilities and their customers. But what is energy storage, and how can it be put to use, today, in facilities across the country?"

Utility Dive: California PUC issues revised self-generation rules favoring storage

"The SGIP decision implemented much needed reforms, and put the program back on track to support California's clean energy and environmental goals,” said Janice Lin, managing partner of Strategen Consulting and co-founder and managing partner of the California Energy Storage Alliance.

“Importantly, by allocating 75% of the budget going forward to energy storage, the decision recognized the importance of energy storage in helping to achieve greenhouse gas reductions, increased system efficiency and reliability and reduced costs for ratepayers,” she said.

ABC Australia Radio: Coal dubbed 'dead technology' as renewable energy costs continue to fall

"Clean energy expert Mark Higgins predicts that after years of subsidising renewable energy, consumers are set to reap a pay-off with the coming roll-out of energy storage systems. Higgins says the systems are near a cost tipping point, and could be up to 75 per cent cheaper again by 2020."