Natural Gas & Electricity: Energy Storage Likely to Increase in Utility Resource Planning

In this article, Strategen Consultants Mark Higgins, Ed Burgess, and Bill Ehrlich argue that the technological advances and rapid cost declines of energy storage have resulted in a wide array of storage technologies increasingly being deployed on utility systems across the country. 

Published in Natural Gas & Electricity 32/10, ©2016 Wiley Periodicals, Inc., a Wiley company.

Greentech Media: Maine Proposes to Replace Net Metering With a Market-Based Alternative

""Concepts laid out in the legislation stem from a report conducted by Strategen Consulting on behalf of the Maine Office of the Public Advocate. Strategen's Lon Huber, author of the report, believes the proposal offers a cost-effective and transparent mechanism to grow Maine’s solar market."

Ecogeneration: To Stay On Grid or Go Off Grid

Mark Higgins, Chief Operating Officer at California-based clean energy consultants Strategen, faces off against Simon Vardy and Simon Mezger, both Managing Directors within Accenture’s Australian Utilities, in answer of the perennial question: will people go off grid or stay on grid in the near future? 

Published in Ecogeneration, February, 2016

A Ratepayer Focused Strategy for Distributed Solar in Maine

As debates about net energy metering rage across the country, many states are undertaking valuation studies on distributed energy resources(DERs) to aid the decision making process. To help move beyond the net metering debate, Strategen proposes a new policy framework based on a mechanism called the Market-based Aggregation Credit (MAC). 

Eastside System Energy Storage Alternatives Screening Study

Puget Sound Energy (PSE) is evaluating several possible solutions to meet reliability needs identified in PSE’s Eastside transmission system located in Central King County (the Eastside) as part of PSE’s annual comprehensive reliability assessment. PSE commissioned Strategen Consulting, LLC (Strategen) to assess one of those prospective solutions: the feasibility of using energy storage – combined with other previously identified cost-effective non-wires alternatives – to meet the reliability need.