We live and breathe 21st century power markets, policies and innovations.

Our exclusive focus on clean energy and advanced grid technologies means we bring our clients a sophisticated understanding of industry trends, market drivers and regulatory policy. We provide specific market expertise whenever it’s needed -- whether to help explore specific clean energy technologies or provide in-depth analysis of utility tariffs.

With an unparalleled network of regulators, utilities, industry participants and technology providers to draw upon across the energy and power sector, we can leverage our relationships to provide insight into a host of critical decision-making factors.


Our team has deep roots in clean energy -- it’s at the heart of what we do and how many of us built our careers in the industry. At Strategen, we develop strategies to address the opportunities and challenges that come with clean energy technologies, markets, and policy, establishing ourselves as a trusted advisor in the renewable energy industry. Strategen’s depth and breadth of energy expertise allows us to develop creative solutions for renewable energy deployment that often involve innovative ownership and financing mechanisms and the integration of multiple technology solutions.    


Energy storage is a critical piece of the puzzle of how to build an optimized 21st century grid, and a key enabler of renewable energy adoption. We support stakeholders across the electric power system as they evaluate how to capture the many benefits of storage.

Strategen is arguably the only firm the US that is an expert in energy storage and also shapes policy across the country. In fact, well over 80 companies throughout the energy storage ecosystem have trusted us to manage the California Energy Storage Alliance, which has been instrumental in creating and shaping what has become the country’s largest market for distributed energy storage.


Strategen draws on our intimate knowledge of grid edge technologies and standards, understanding of how they interoperate over time, and insight into the overarching regulatory context to help our clients realize the benefits of grid edge technologies. We have also assisted in developing new sustainable communities, and providing integrated solutions that combine demand-side management with local generation -- work that led to the creation of some of the country’s first microgrids.


EVs have been called “the opportunity of the century,” a market potentially worth billions in the coming decades. Strategen helps utilities and other stakeholders capitalize on this booming market. By looking at how the regulatory landscape for EVs and EV charging is evolving, Strategen helps a range of stakeholders uncover their role and strategic interest in the growing EV market.