Strategen Consulting advises industry clients on their approach to clean energy technologies, markets and business models, empowering them to profitably meet their goals.

Strategen leverages grid modeling capabilities, market analysis, regulatory strategy, corporate strategy and project assessment to assist developers and technology leaders in making sense of a complex and competitive marketplace. In addition to solar and wind and DERs, we specialize in advising on strategy around grid-connected energy storage, where our firm has been on the leading edge for the last 15 years.



We serve our industry clients in the following areas:

+ Corporate strategy

  • Corporate diversification
  • Venturing within large organizations
  • White-space business and program development
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Roadmapping & Strategic planning
  • Business model design and evolution
  • Messaging and communications
  • Strategic marketing and sales forecasting

+ Expert testimony

+ Grid Modeling

The largest and most complex problems to solve in the electric power sector require a robust analysis of the entire grid. The deployment of smart grid assets such as energy storage, wind generation, solar generation, hybrid storage + natural gas systems, and non-wires solutions is so impactful that as deployments increase they will fundamentally alter grid operations. This creates a challenging environment in which to predict which projects will be profitable and which will fail. Strategen uses its unique, proprietary modeling capabilities to create custom client roadmaps from the current, carbon-intensive grid to the smart, dynamic, low carbon grid of the future.

+ Grid Modernization Roadmapping

+ Grid Planning

  • Roadmapping & Strategic planning
  • Integrated resource planning
  • Distribution planning
  • Non-wires solutions
  • DER procurement
  • EV infrastructure planning
  • Stakeholder engagement through outreach & events
  • Grid modernization road-mapping
  • Benefit-cost assessments

+ Project assessment

  • Grid-scale and project-scale operational and production cost modeling
  • Project interconnection process analysis and timelines
  • Financial risk and P/L modeling of projects and strategies

+ Regulatory Policy

  • Expert testimony
  • Rate design modeling and development
  • Performance incentive mechanism creation and evaluation
  • Rate design
  • Cost-of-service studies
  • Performance-based regulation
  • DER program design
  • DER cost recovery

+ Regulatory strategy

  • Regulatory strategy and navigation
  • Stakeholder engagement & meeting facilitation
  • Market expansion strategy

+ Renewable energy & energy storage

  • Project site recommendations and evaluation
  • Regulatory landscape detailing
  • Value proposition analysis
  • Financial modeling and evaluation
  • Market sizing and forecasting
  • Project development and financing mechanics
  • Paired resource evaluation and modeling (wind + storage, solar + storage, and gas + storage)

+ Research & Analysis

+ Stakeholder engagement

  • Meeting facilitation
  • Educational programming & storytelling
  • Stakeholder engagement strategy

+ Vehicle-to-Grid Market Development

  • Retail rate design for electric vehicles (off-peak and time of use charging)
  • Smart charging incentives and program design
  • V2G wholesale market development (demand response, ancillary services)
  • Interconnection standards and protocols