Strategen Impact

Strategen is a mission-driven firm that consistently achieves measurable, historically-significant impact in advancing clean energy.   

  • Strategen has played a significant and direct role in jump-starting the use of energy storage for the power sector in multiple states throughout the US, including California, New York, Massachusetts, Oregon and Hawaii through our Consulting, Association Management and Events business units

  • Strategen introduced innovative new policy models such as the Clean Peak Standard that inspired new perspectives on grid planning throughout the US.  

  • Strategen has created lasting institutions such as the California Energy Storage Alliance that continue to serve as a role model for public/private partnership and collaboration and market transformation.     

Strategen creates meaningful impact because we understand that real change is driven by champions – individuals who have the courage, leadership and grit to break through status quo, navigate complexity and rally others to their cause.  Strategen excels at finding and empowering champions with a broad and diverse range of capabilities including analytical modeling, leading edge market and policy best practices, innovative new business model approaches and world-class communications and messaging.

Strategen brings creativity and a fresh perspective to the intersection of business, markets, policy and new technology innovations coupled with a deep understanding of the human drivers necessary to achieve true transformational change. We are curious, humble and our approaches seek to uncover fundamental drivers so that alignment and progress can be achieved among a diverse set of stakeholders.  We understand that collaboration is the fastest path to progress and that respect and integrity is a necessary foundation for any new idea or partnership.