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Net Energy Metering (NEM) and Utility Solar Rates Summit

This NEM utility summit will explore common NEM rate structures and many alternatives under consideration. It will examine the array of options that utilities and regulatory commissions are looking to as a means for striking the necessary balance between promoting the advancement of solar policy and development, facilitating appropriate rate recovery, ensuring grid reliability and enabling consumer choice.  Finally, the program will consider how various jurisdictions are working through these challenges, and what the results have been or are projected to be.

Workshop: Calculating the Value of Solar to the System and the Local Distribution Grid

This workshop will provide a comprehensive overview of distributed photovoltaic solar valuation efforts across the US and highlight new methodologies coming from leading states. The workshop will also delve into the various methodologies used to examine distribution system costs and benefits from DG solar.  If a pending DOE-sponsored study to Congress weighing the cost and benefits of net energy metering has been issued, those findings will be considered.  Finally, it will compare and contrast different approaches by jurisdiction, covering such topics as New York’s V-DER tariff, California’s LNBA method, and Arizona’s Resource Comparison Proxy approach.

Attendees will gain practical skills and insights on how to:

  • Identify the fundamental issues relating to DG solar valuation and the background context for DG Solar valuation.
  • Evaluate the nature of and differences in valuation approaches and the purposes of each.
  • Assess the components of value (costs and benefits) and the differences in methodology for calculating or estimating value for DG solar.
  • Define the way value of solar studies have been and can be used in setting rates, benchmarking incentives and compensation.
  • Review the major regulatory cases, rulemakings, and other regulatory and legislative proceedings relating to DG solar valuation.
  • Understand new methods and approaches relating to DG valuation