The Largest Energy Storage Conference and Expo in the United States Advances the Market for Energy Storage




In 2012, several energy storage events covered technical developments in battery storage for the grid or transportation applications, but no single event existed to bring the entire energy storage ecosystem together. Strategen envisioned a joint conference and expo that highlighted energy storage projects, economics and policies – both the implementation nuts and bolts needed to get storage projects in the ground, and the forward-looking policies needed to grow the industry.

Strategen founded Energy Storage North America, in partnership with Messe Dusseldorf, as the first conference and expo focused on energy storage customers, deals and economics. ESNA was launched in 2013 in San Jose, California.



Strategen designed Energy Storage North America to bring together the entire storage ecosystem: the technology companies, project developers, installers, policymakers, regulators, utility companies, and the C&I customer/buyers of energy storage.

ESNA changed the paradigm around how energy storage conferences operate and benefit attendees. Organizers designed the program for industry leaders (rather than technical professionals) and spoke to their interests throughout ESNA’s programming. Strategen focused on building a high-quality program that brought all key stakeholders into the room at once, to make real progress on sticky policy and finance challenges. 



Since its founding in 2012, ESNA has come to be known as the definitive place for storage stakeholders to connect. ESNA has grown its exhibitor, sponsor and speaker presence consistently year over year. ESNA 2015 highlights include:

  • More than 150 speakers
  • 42 countries represented
  • 1,874 industry attendees: 20% increase from 2014
  • 110 exhibitors: nearly double the number from 2014
  • 41 sponsorships: all sponsorships sold out




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