Strategen is a mission-driven professional services company that specializes in impactful market development for a decarbonized grid.

Strategen works across the power sector ecosystem with public sector leaders, global technology corporations, utilities, and project developers to help them achieve their clean energy goals via the firm’s synergistic platforms of consulting, association management, and events.

Strategen was founded in 2005 and is a minority and woman-owned business headquartered in Berkeley, California with offices in Portland, Oregon and Brisbane, Australia.


Empower and inspire global corporations, utilities and public sector leaders to accelerate grid modernization, decarbonize the planet and improve quality of life around the world.


Strategen achieves its mission by working tirelessly for our broad array of clients to give them executable strategies to decarbonize the electric power sector. Through our depth and breadth of technical, regulatory, product and organizational expertise in energy markets, as well as our focus on real-time industry trends, we empower clients with the insight they need to tackle critical issues and develop responsible and leading-edge strategies. Strategen works with global Fortune 500 corporations, utilities, governments, project developers and associations seeking to evaluate and implement next generation grid and clean energy technologies.


  • Integrity: Our integrity is paramount. Our impeccable reputation and brand has been built over the last 14 years. We are ethical and intellectually honest in all aspects of our work; even if it means delivering ‘bad news’.

  • Measurable Impact: We deliver results  that can be measured through both our influence on global power market transformation and the financial results of the firm.

  • Humility: We seek to understand before being understood. We understand that the power sector is diverse and complicated and that there are many perspectives and no one person can be an expert of everything. We are clear about what we know and what we don’t know.

  • Diversity and Inclusion: As a women-owned, minority-owned business, diversity is an integral part of our DNA. We constantly seek ways to increase diversity – not just of our team, but of the energy industry overall.

  • Collaboration: We do not always have to agree. When we disagree we find ways to learn from other perspectives. We believe the best pathway to progress is through constructive dialogue and collaboration, which includes respect for other points of view.

  • Innovation: We respect and encourage bringing new ideas and approaches to light. We are not afraid to try new ways of doing things and we’re not afraid to sometimes fail. This is how we learn.

  • Sustainability: We recognize that any new idea, business model or venture must be sustainable in its own right from both an economic and a political standpoint.

  • Environmental Stewardship: We care about the planet and the well-being of humanity, and our desire to help achieve environmental equity and sustainability for the earth is a key value and driver of all of our work and how we conduct ourselves day to day. We continuously seek opportunities to reduce our firm’s environmental footprint and use resources as effectively as possible, including the purchase of carbon offsets for all work-related travel.

  • Fairness: We give merit where it is due by following the principles of transparency in all of the work we create.

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